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9th December 2004

Werner Schreyer (Merry Christmas to an old friend)

Werner, ich wünsche Dir, daß Du nicht nur gutaussehend und reich, sondern auch von Herzen glücklich und zufrieden bist. :-)

Do you think he looks like James Dean?Collapse )

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8th December 2004

Big Textures #2

Another 2 large texture files. Made with my latest set of big grunge brushes (and a few others).
Klick on the thumbnail to view/download the original size texture.

Texture 03 Texture 04

Like - take - comment - enjoy! :-)

Big Grunge Brushes - PS7

13 big grunge brushes for Photoshop 7.
This time not only for icons but also for larger layouts. :-)

preview & downloadCollapse )

2nd December 2004

1st December 2004

Return of the King

I've been watching ROTK today, so what else could you expect but some icons?
Attention: One spoilery icon under the cut.

needless to say that I can't wait to get the extended editionCollapse )

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Big Textures

I made two 800 x 600 px textures today thought I could also share them with you.
Klick on the thumbnail to view/download the original size texture.

Texture 01 Texture 02

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29th November 2004

26th November 2004

24th November 2004

Torn Paper Brushes - for Photoshop 7

All you need is a sheet of paper and a scanner. ;)

full size preview & downloadCollapse )

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23rd November 2004


Of course they are not just cropped images but handmade bases - I forgot who wanted to know that...

take/use them if you like themCollapse )

To be used as base/background/pattern/texture/to make a brush. As you like it. Feedback would be lovely. :-)

20th November 2004


Wir bleiben Troy!Collapse )

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18th November 2004


We wants the iconses!Collapse )

Any feedback would be lovely - take and enjoy the icons, but please don't hotlink. :-)

15th November 2004


One Icon to rule them all...Collapse )

Please do NOT modify, these are no bases. Any feedback would be lovely. :-)

14th November 2004


Return of the WizardCollapse )

Like - take - enjoy. Please don't modify and leave a comment if you like/take the icons. :-)

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